Born in the Chinese city of Guangzhou (Canton) and raised in the shadow of Hong Kong cinema, Philips Shum grew up with a blend of Eastern and Western influences that helped inform his multi-sensory visual approach to art.

Since graduating from the University of Southern California's School of Cinematic Arts in 2011, Philips has served as director of photography on music videos for artists such as Big Sean, 21 Savage, Kendrick Lamar, and Vince Staples, and most recently lensed the digital series "The Crew League" for Revolt TV streaming.

Alongside his extensive work in the American commercial film industry, Philips has also served as cinematographer on a number of independent narrative projects spotlighting Asian and Asian-American stories, including the 2017 short film "Ella" directed by Dan Chen ("Accepted") and starring Dallas Liu ("Shang-Chi") and Nichole Sakura ("Superstore"), as well as the 2022 feature film "B-Side: For Taylor" directed by Christina YR Lim. With every new project, Philips's commitment to truth and attention to detail helps him explored new approaches to narrative storytelling.

Aside from his work as a cinematographer, Philips is also a professional colorist with a wide variety of projects under his belt. He is currently based in Los Angeles and is committed to working on narrative and music video projects around the world.

沈非池,出生於中國廣州,在香港電影的薰陶下成長。經歷東、西方的成長背景,擁有開放的視野與對藝術的五感敏銳度。自 2011 年從南加州大學電影藝術學院畢業以來,有幸為 Big Sean、21 Savage、Kendrick Lamar、Vince Staples 等饒舌歌手拍攝音樂影片,近年也為有線電視頻道 Revolt TV 串流媒體拍攝連續劇「The Crew League」。長期於美西電影產業工作的 Philips,拍攝西方主流影視外,也多次執行過具有東方文化底蘊主題的外語參展影片。2017年與華裔美籍導演 Dan Chen 合作拍攝由 Nichole Sakura (Superstore 爆笑超市) 和 Dallas Liu (Shang-Chi 尚氣與十環傳奇) 主演的劇情短片「Ella」,2021年與韓裔美籍導演 Christina Lim 合作拍攝劇情長片「B-Side: For Taylor」。每一回案子所投入的細膩組成,將他推向實踐電影理想這條道路上。同時,Philips 也是專業調色師,從事各類相關項目,持續堅持攝影初衷與熱情的他,目前常駐在洛杉磯,致力邁進更彈性地穿梭在海外電影和音樂影片的合作。


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