Originally born in 廣州 Canton, China, Philips grew up surrounded by Hong Kong cinema. His love for graphic design and visual arts started at a very young age. Inspired by Salvador Dalí and films by 關錦鵬 Stanley Kwan, 陳果 Fruit Chan & 彭浩翔 Pang Ho-cheung, his passion for fine art cinema grew intensely. Philips studied at the University of Southern California School of Cinematic Arts under ASC members Judy Irola, Earl Rath and Nelson Cragg. There is where he discovered his love for cinematography and continued to collaborate with fellow film lovers on narrative and music video projects, exploring his sensibilities through various forms of cinema. Philips has had the privilege of working on music videos "My Dawg" by 21 Savage with director Joe Weil, "Hair Down" by SiR & Kendrick Lamar with director Jack Begert; short film "Ella" starring Nicole Bloom & Dallas Liu with writer/director Dan Chen; TV series "Bulge Bracket" starring Jessika Van, Feodor Chin & Lanny Joon with writer/director Chris Au; feature film "Opening Night" starring Anthony Rapp & Cheyenne Jackson with director Jack Henry Robbins. Philips also works on various projects as a colorist. He is currently based in Los Angeles working to expand his work into more films and music videos as well as moving towards the director’s chair.

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